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5 Ways To Make Affiliate Sales Now

Alright Affiliates – “Time Is Money”

So while you are spending it “Your Time”, developing your site and landing pages to send traffic too here are some quick ways to make some affiliate sales right off the back!

Method 1: Social Media Posts

I hope this is more or less obvious but let me lay it out for you.

Making a post on your profile page should just be your first step. Why? Because Internet Marketers see posts like “Join This” every few minutes and if you haven’t branded yourself as a successful Online Marketer yet then it’s likely you wont get the desired traffic from a single status update.

How can you overcome this?

Look towards IM groups you’ve joined. If you haven’t request to join some now.

Then if allowed and in a non-spammy way let the group know about your offer.

1) Create a sort of urgency to it.

For example our pre-launch group has brought a great surge of new affiliates to soloacademy because it had a deadline of the 17th to join with special benefits.

2) Post some of SoloAcademys Free Guides to your status feed and groups with your affiliate link.

This is actually a ver effective method because even though the traffic might not sign up right away you set a cookie on their browser and you give them free value. Many of these people convert within 1-2 weeks later.

Want to take this to the next level?

Check out our facebook traffic guides

Method 2: Don’t Be A Stranger & Be “Straightforward”

Talk to your friends that do internet marketing or have been asking you about it – you know the ones.. “So you still doing that online stuff?”

Many people feel unconformable doing this but it really is fine to tell a friend that’s interested in getting started online that a good way is to try out SoloAcademy.

Simply give them your affiliate link and ask them to sign up through that link. Your helping them out so why shouldn’t they return the favor.

Method 3: Send Out Email Blast

Have a list? Just send out a quick newsletter.

Here’s an example:


That MILLION Dollar Button.. Doesn’t Exist!



Okay, I am sick and tired of all the
lies that I hear online. A lot of guru
marketers are trying to state that
they’ve made a lot of money by pressing
some magic button that made them rich
literally over night.

And now, they are so happy, that they
are going to share that button with you,
so you can become a millionaire too.

Let me be straight –


There are only proven strategies that you
need to put to work in order to make money:

This doesn’t mean that you will have
to work your hands to the bone, that
you will spend a lot of money or anything
like that.

That just means that you might make money
QUICKLY, but deffinetly not overnight:

But don’t be put down by this thought,
because I am giving you really valuable
resource to start building your business
in correct way:

Best Of Luck,

Your Name


**Also consider making it your autoresponder, that’s true hands-off income right there.

Method 4: Paid Advertisement

…or is it?

When you register to a hosting provider, you typically get $50-$100 Facebook and Google Adwords coupons.

Don’t be scared to spend this money. A lot of people never touch it which is truly a real waste.

Besides Your Hosting Provider Here’s Another Way To Get Free Advertising Money:

$50 Coupon for Facebook Advertising

Here’s some helpful guides to running these campaigns:

Running A Profitable Facebook Ad Campaign

Google Adwords (Coming Soon)


Method 5: Use SoloAcademy Toolbox

Ok, we’ll admit right now this is not something most of you will be able to just jump into..

With that in mind, after some practice our bots like the twitter bot and email marketing software can make convincing advertisement posts that have proven to direct endless amounts of super targeted traffic right through your affiliate link and to the desired landing page. Check out the action pack SoloAcademy Toolbox

This takes a little more practice and especially patience compared to the previous methods. But hey, everyone’s got to start somewhere right?

Luckily, we get you there faster.


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