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SA IM Terms

A Complete Internet Marketing (IM) Glossery

This list has been accumulated from multiple sites, questions, experience and much more. Please feel free to ask us below to add anything else. Please note we reference sources at the end. Last updated: July 17th 2014   301 Redirect – A 301 redirect automatically causes one url to redirect to another and tells the Web…

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FIFA 2014 Pick Winner and Win!

Hey everyone! Now that we are getting into the crucial games of FIFA 2014 we wanted to get your input on who will win the FIFA games this year! We are giving away to whomever guesses the winners (by commenting bellow) a max of 3 FREE 1/2 Hour Consulting Sessions Via Skype with one of the Founders of…

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making money from home

5 Ways To Make Affiliate Sales Now

Alright Affiliates – “Time Is Money” So while you are spending it “Your Time”, developing your site and landing pages to send traffic too here are some quick ways to make some affiliate sales right off the back! Method 1: Social Media Posts I hope this is more or less obvious but let me lay…

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Generate Tons of Free Traffic with

Special Thanks to our SoloAcademy member, Miguel Betancourt for creating this video on generating traffic with for us. This video contains some great information on how picking the right keyword can easily get your keyword ranked in the #1 position in Google Search! You can visit Miquel’s site at:

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100 Free SEO Tools & Resources

Here is a list of 100 tools that you should familiarize yourself with. These are things that you will need to use in order to bring your website to the top! We use many of these tools here ourselves at SoloAcademy. You may already have heard us mention some of these in previous guides. Make…

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Complete Guide to Using Proxies

Consider this guide to be 101 of everything you need to know about using Proxies! Be sure you bookmark this page as you will want to come back here anytime you get confused about using proxies, hiding or changing your IP. In this Guide we will cover: What is a Proxy Why do you need…

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twitter fi

The Complete Twitter Marketing Guide

ahh.. Finally, here’s a guide that does’t just cover a small portion of the endless possibilities of twitter. In this guide we will cover everything you need to know about running a successful twitter campaign so you can keep pumping an endless amount of traffic from twitter. Our Quick Info Index How Do I Get…

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Trick-or-Treat – Last House On The Block You’ll Have To Visit

SoloAcademy Wishes You A Killer Halloween! With all the sugar people are projected to be consuming this upcoming Halloween we are estimating high levels of energy – And what better place to put that energy than reinvesting it back into your business? So we wanted to give you guys something special! Ready to get your…

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Hows everyone doing!? This has been an especially exciting month so far. So to TOP IT OFF my brother and I have been working on an upcoming live webinar that will go over “7 Steps: Successfully Launching Your Own Product”. This will be a great free coaching for anyone who is looking to launch a product…

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5 Days To Sales

Had to make a post about this because of the great feedback we have gotten since it was first published. Last month Heiko completed a very cumulative guide that shows you EXACTLY step-by-step what you need to do to build an online presence, boost your SEO, and make sales. This is something you can do…

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