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Maximizing Your Email Deliverability

Maximizing Your Email Deliverability

How to Warm Up an IP Address Email deliverability can be a complex task, but it’s not impossible if you have the right information. Sometimes, the devil is in the details and many of those details revolve around your IP address. This guide will show you how to start sending email over a new IP address without experiencing delays…

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getting members to your membership site

How To Get Members To Your Membership Site

O boy, you’ve got the next greatest idea! You’ve decided that you are going to create and run your own membership site. You’ve bought the software, you’ve got everything in place and now all you have to do is go out and get members. Yeah, you hadn’t thought that far ahead yet have you. Let’s…

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Creating an Authority Site

Some of you more experienced traffic and SEO pros might know a bit about this but here is a cumulative article on how to create an authority site and make lots of money off of it. A few $100/day is not unrealistic. You either can sell these authority sites or keep for yourself Here’s what…

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facebook cpm tips

Facebook: Turn your dying CPM ad, into a winning CPC ad

A lot of people want tips on getting extremely cheap clicks. The best advice would be: Target as narrow as you can. You won’t get awesome CTR with every niche, even targeted one, but you are far more likely to succeed if you do so. Facebook doesn’t always play fair. Sometimes they will screw you…

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making money from home

5 Ways To Make Affiliate Sales Now

Alright Affiliates – “Time Is Money” So while you are spending it “Your Time”, developing your site and landing pages to send traffic too here are some quick ways to make some affiliate sales right off the back! Method 1: Social Media Posts I hope this is more or less obvious but let me lay…

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soloacademy affiliate swipes

High Converting SA Email Swipes For Affiliates

Hey Affiliates, We know what it takes to get sales and we want to share it all with you! Here are some of our members and our own personal top converting email swipes (some example landing pages “LP’s” included). ** Remember to change the swipes to fit your LP’s Top Converting Swipes Swipe 1 Subject:…

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safe swaps email

How to grow your emal list with Safe-Swaps

To Do Check List: Safe-Swaps Account Setup Create Account Create Swipe Complete Account Setup Account Settings Buy Solo Or Do A Swap If your looking for super targeted traffic and have some money to invest then I would do some Safe=Swaps shopping.. What is safe-Swaps? You could basically think of it as one big marketplace…

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facebook offer

$50 Coupon for Facebook Advertising

There is nothing better than free money! Let us quickly show you how to get a $50 coupon for facebook advertising. $50 can go a long way! Visit: You will see a number you can call as you can see in the image below. Call this number before creating your advertising account!   The…

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Making money

Running a Profitable Facebook Ad Campaign

We all know the potential value of a well established Facebook Fanpage. There are hundreds of Fanpages pulling in thousands of dollars weekly! If you don’t already have a fanpage setup it’s time you get yours started! Read this guide NOW! Generating Profitable Traffic with a Facebook Fanpage   Now that you have a fanpage…

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facebook advertising formula

Facebook Advertising Formula for Success

We will be looking at the formula to use during your Facebook Advertising campaigns that will not only save you thousands, but also substantially increase your earnings. Before Reading this guide make sure you have completed these guides: Generating Profitable Traffic with a Facebook Fanpage Run a Profitable Facebook Ad Campaign   You have completed…

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