Complete Guide to Using Proxies

Consider this guide to be 101 of everything you need to know about using Proxies! Be sure you bookmark this page as you will want to come back here anytime you get confused about using proxies, hiding or changing your IP.

In this Guide we will cover:

  1. What is a Proxy
  2. Why do you need a Proxy
  3. How to use a Proxy
  4. Where to get Proxies


1. What is a Proxy?

A proxy (aka proxy server) is used to disguise your real IP so websites think you are someone else. For example: if I want to spy on my competitions facebook ads and I am targeting UK leads, but I am located in the United States I will only see ads from people targeting US leads. So I can use a UK proxy to hide my US proxy. Facebook will now think I am located in the UK and show me ads of my competitors targeting UK leads.


Hopefully this image will help you visualize the process on how a Proxy Server works in order to make the websites you are visiting think you are someone else:


2. Why do you Need a Proxy?

We get this question asked a lot, why do I need a proxy? Or, should I use a proxy? Well the answer really is “it depends on what you are trying to do”.

Some reasons you may need a proxy is to get around restrictions like blocked sites, pass firewalls, get around parental blocks, browse the internet anonymously, mass account creation, hide your identity, etc…


Here are some examples:

  1. Youtube blocks certain videos in some countries. For example, many music video’s are blocked in countries like China. So if you are located in China and want to watch a music video restricted in your country you can use a US Proxy in your browser. This will make youtube think you are actually from the US and not China, allowing you to watch the video
  2. Mass Account Creation: If you want to make facebook, twitter, youtube, etc… accounts you can’t make a ton of accounts from your home IP. These sites will see that a ton of accounts are being created by a single IP and ban them. So by using a different proxy every time you create an account these sites will think you are a new person every time and not ban you.
  3. Some public places like schools or public libraries block certain sites. Most schools block gaming sites, so by using a proxy their ISP (internet service provider) will think you are not using their computers and give you access to previously restricted sites. But we shouldn’t be playing games anyway! We are online to make money, which is the most fun game you will ever play!

3. How to Use a Proxy

You can either manually set a proxy in your browser or use a proxy site that sets the browser for you. Also, many times when you are running software like our AOL Email Dominator 1.8 or Twitter Runner Pro 2.0 you will be able to directly upload your list of proxies into the software. All mass account creators programs will require the use of proxies. If you have a software that does not require the use of proxies it is most likely a bad bot. Here at SoloAcademy we provide our members with top quality bots that are being updated weekly to make sure they are always running. You can see our list of bots here: Toolbox > Software


Here is how to Set a Proxy in your Browser:

Internet Explorer

  • Click Tools
  • Click Internet Options
  • Click the Connections Tab
  • Click LAN settings
  • Check the “Use a proxy server for your LAN” box
  • Enter the IP Address of the Proxy Server and the Port Number
  • Click OK


  • Click the FireFox Button(The button in the upper left corner)
  • Click Options
  • Click Options in the new tab
  • Click the Advanced Tab
  • Click Settings
  • Click Manual Proxy Settings
  • In the HTTP Proxy Box enter the IP Address of the proxy server and the Port number
  • Click OK

Google Chrome

  • Click the Customize and Control Button(Button with the wrench picture in upper right corner
  • Click Under the Hood
  • Click Change proxy settings
  • Click LAN Settings
  • Check the “Use a proxy server for your LAN” box
  • Enter the IP Address of the Proxy Server and the Port Number
  • Click OK


  • Click Safari
  • Click Preferences
  • Click Advanced
  • Click Change Settings
  • Check the Web Proxy(HTTP) box
  • Enter the IP Address of the Proxy Server and the Port Number
  • Click Apply Now


Now Check to see if your browser is using that proxy by going to, you should see your proxy appear. This means that your proxy has been set and is working!

Another alternative is to use a proxy site that sets the proxy for you. This is a great method to browsing the internet anonymously and hiding your computer’s identity.


4. Where to get Proxies

You can get either Free or Paid proxies. I would not recommend using Free Proxies in bots, because they tend to not work as fast since many people are using them at the same time. You will almost always run into problems with free proxies with softwares such as mass account creators, but they work great for simple tasks such as browsing the internet or quickly creating a account somewhere.

These should work great, but if you are doing more serious tasks I highly recommend you try out these guys: Instant Proxies

We highly recommend their paid proxies to our members as we have never had issues with them. They also have a great support team so if you are ever having issues with any of their proxies they will give you new ones.

Hopefully this has given you some insight on how proxies work and why you need them. Feel free to ask us any questions so we can get you an answer as fast as possible!

Fun Fact: You may have seen Proxies also spelled Proxys, but which one is correct? Technically they both are! Proxies is English but some other languages like French spell it Proxys.

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