FIFA 2014 Pick Winner and Win!

Hey everyone!

Now that we are getting into the crucial games of FIFA 2014 we wanted to get your input on who will win the FIFA games this year!

We are giving away to whomever guesses the winners (by commenting bellow) a max of
3 FREE 1/2 Hour Consulting Sessions Via Skype
with one of the Founders of SA.
Each 1 hour Session (Max 3) is awarded if they guess 1 of these things right:

Here Are The Questions:

  1. Guess the 2 final teams right
  2. Guess the final teams & scores right
  3. Guess the Ultimate 2014 FIFA Winner


Guess 1,2, or All Questions You’d Like:

Example A:

1. Algeria vs North Korea
2. Algeria 2, North Korea 1
3. Alegeria Wins

Example B:

3. Algeria

Example C:

1. Algeria vs North Korea
3. Algeria

As you can see there are many ways to participate. 

At the end of the FIFA Games we will go through the comments and message the winners.

In the mean time enjoy the chance to further grow your business, now at a discount.

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