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The Complete Twitter Marketing Guide

ahh.. Finally, here’s a guide that does’t just cover a small portion of the endless possibilities of twitter. In this guide we will cover everything you need to know about running a successful twitter campaign so you can keep pumping an endless amount of traffic from twitter.


The Common Question:

“How Do I Get Followers On Twitter?”

twitterIf that’s the question you’re asking. You have come to the right place. Haveing more twitter followers increases the public image for your brand if it is a product or yourself. I think we all know that social media sites are huge in generating traffic. Some of our campaigns and products are fueled solely off of Twitter and Facebook traffic. This makes it very easy to increase our leads without having to pay huge amounts of money for it. And we all know more traffic => more leads => more sales and that’s what it’s all about. The best part is social media traffic typically, is very targeted traffic since users from the social media sites are only being sent to your site after showing interest in your topic by clicking the link you provided. So if you’re asking: “how do I get followers on twitter..?” Than you’re already asking the right question, because you know the value of twitter. Let’s go over some methods to get followers on twitter. 3 ways to increase your twitter followers for free:

1) Follow People

Simply follow people in hopes of them returning the favor. This does uneven your account and create imbalances in your following o unfollowing ratios. These ratios can cause red flags for your twitter account it is important to have them as balanced as possible or have more followers than people you are following. Soon we will go more in depth about Passing the 2k twitter follow limit. Make sure to be following people that are likely to follow you. This might consist of people living in the same area or that have similar interests as you.

2) Send Direct Messages

You can send messages to people who follow you that thank the person for taking interest in your page. You can also send them information about a product you are promoting but be sure not to come off too spammy. Also mass direct messaging will get you flagged. It is typically advised to send a link free welcome message. You can always ask them a question. If they are interested they will come. Direct Message Examples:

Always exciting to meet someone else interested in building an business! Thanks for the follow.

Hey {username}, great to be connecting with you! Let me know if you have any questions on growing your twitter following.

Hi appreciate the follow – Hope you are well! If your looking to monetize your twitter account check out our site:

3) Tweet Frequently & Stay Relevant

Honestly tweeting alone will not boost your following overnight, especially for new accounts. You can tweet all day and after many weeks you might only have 5 followers. What it is good for is once you’re following is in the thousands people start sharing and marking your tweets as favorites. This appears on their feed which could attract their followers to become your followers. Using hashtags can make your tweets more accessible for people searching those keywords. This could unlock a whole new stream of followers – even if you don’t have many yet. Quick Guide On Hashtags: Hashtag Marketing For Dummies

Buying Twitter Followers vs Free Twitter Followers

It’s not rocket science: the more followers the better. Having a strong twitter following will definitely make you look more credible and even increase the likelihood of new users following you (The basic bandwagon effect). However this time FREE is actually better than buying twitter followers. twitter1twitter2   So why are free twitter followers better?

☛ When you buy twitter followers they are typically fake users and don’t result anything besides a fluffed up looking account..

☛ Buying twitter followers can result in suspended accounts, which can quickly ruin your reputation

☛ It is easy to identify fake accounts (no bio, images, spam tweets, 2k follow limit) and when you do you quickly see who else purchased fake followers

Bottom Line: Buying twitter followers is can be a complete waste of money. We found a way to get a much better ROI. Simply by increasing your twitter followers with real users even if it takes a bit more time. Don’t get discouraged, getting 1k, 10k, or 100k really might not be that hard to get. Luckily this part is also not any rocket science and we laid out the best free strategies for you above this topic, you can follow the link to answer your question: “How Do I Get Followers On Twitter?” You can also use our free twitter bot, which will help you automatically grow your twitter following without buying fake twitter followers – the way nature intended.

Breaking Twitters 2k Follow Limit

Breaking the twitter follow limit is much easier than you might of originally thought.. twitter3 This is not magic and no crazy higher level math background is required. It all boils down to making sure your follow and unfollow ratio does not get to far apart or you wont be able to follow any more people. Twitter lets you follow the number of followers that you have plus 10%. For some reason this 10% rule starts once you hit the magic figure of 1819. So once you have 1819 people following you that is when you will be allowed to follow that number plus a further 182. Boom, and just like that your follower limit is now 2001 and you have broken through the barrier, just barely by 1. Buying your way past this barrier is one way but, we highly recommend getting more twitter followers naturally compared to buying twitter followers.   Why might twitters follow limits be important information to know? Well, unlike when you manually follow and unfollow other twitter users our twitter bot makes things run a bit faster and one of the first problems you might face when your twitter account is growing rapidly – is running into twitters follow limits.

Twitter Automation Bot

Now would be a good time to introduce our Twitter Runner Pro 2.0 bot to everyone. This twitter automation software, does most of your twitter account growing for you. After much testing and redesigning I’m happy to announce that Twitter Runner Pro 2.0 is ready to be sent out yet again. I hope everyone enjoys the extra features such as multiple account uploads. twitter4 Upgrades we’ll be adding for version 2.0 down the line:

You will be able to check any updates made on the bot’s main page here. So be ready for more addons, if you haven’t subscribed to immediately receive the latest updates so your automated traffic runs uninterrupted and more powerful… please do so now! It literally would be crazy not to. Here are a few things you could do to change that: Like us on FB, Twitter, or Goolge Plus (The Icons On The Right Side Of The Screen) *Recommended: Like, follow, and subscribe you might prefer one way over the other. You will always be able to change delivery preferences at any time.   Where can you download this bot? Check out our Toolbox > Software section to download any one of our bots.   How much will it cost? This bot is Free for all our premium members, if you our not yet a member check out our apply page now! So you can start automating your social media traffic and much much more. banner 468x60   Our twitter bot case study: (Coming Soon)

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